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That is a cutey-pie little smiley face!

Better than work indeed.... :)

Renee Rothmann

cuteness of the world!!! She is spectacular!!

Lisa Souza

Renee, I just knew that you could use a baby fix and this particular picture was just the ticket. She is just very charming, our Syd-Biskits.


Goo. <3


that smile will steal a few hearts!


Lisa - I just read on Ravelry that Judy Sumner died. I know you worked with her several times, didn't know if you already knew this...

Lisa Souza

Yes, Caroline, I know. I was following her journey, thanks to her lovely daughter. Judy had the best exit that one could ask for and she was lucky to have her daughter to come home to. I felt privileged to know her.

Cate Z

Too cute!!!


Lisa, she's so beautiful! I know. You know that. But oh, she is!

Linda Retzlaff

Lisa, she is adorable and looks like a very happy baby. Get all the loves and snuggles while you can, before you know it she'll be asking for the keys to your car!

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