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A-MEN!!! And wow, wasn't that the speech we've been waiting so long to hear!


I'm standing up and cheering for your wonderful, powerful, and emotional take on The Speech. I watched it from the gym last night, and logged an additional half mile because I couldn't unplug and go home.


You know, when he was running 4 yrs ago he said it was going to take a long time to fix things. It amazes me that people think he should have had everything fixed by now. It took a loooong time to mess some things up. He's done so much in a short time with a congress that has been behaving shamefully. If my coworkers and I argued like that and didn't cooperate and come to compromise over issues I can tell you we wouldn't have jobs very long.

All we've been hearing lately is hate mongering - it was so refreshing to hear hope and optimism again! I loved his "Here's what I'm gonna do, now what are YOU gonna do?" approach.


Thank goodness he's back because I've missed him!


you and HE both said it!!! Amen, sister!


LOL! Absolutely Love love LOVE this post! But you forgot to mention the Pimp Daddy's gold teeth...LOL!

Lisa S

Yes, Camille...MY Pimp Daddy has DIAMONDS in his toofus grill. :o)

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