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Hi Lisa, quick question about Tank and his arthritis...I may have missed this in earlier posts, but is he on a regimen of Dasuquin and Nordic Naturals Fish oil by any chance?
We recently adopted a senior rescue cat, he came to us with no teeth and terrible arthritis, in obvious pain and we had to carry him up and down the stairs. Started him on the Dasuquin
and Nordic Naturals (it's the best, very palatable and active EFAs) and after 6 weeks, he races us up the stairs, barely any limp, much much happier. Even the vet is amazed. I get both from 1800PetMeds, seem to be the best price

Lisa Souza

I am going to talk to the doctor about this, Claire. He had "prescribed" fish oil in his diet and doubled it, the last time that Tank was in. He was diagnosed with an elbow problem, when a pup but since the young dogs came into his life, this past holiday season, he has been favoring his hip. Tank gets his fish oil twice a day and I give it to her, too. I want him to be living a happy, pain-free life. He has had quite the time of it, with this cold dry winter. Thanks for the info!

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