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Thanks for the font change. It appears HUGE in the google reader preview that I get when you post a new entry. But, when I go to the actual blog the font is not HUGE but is manageable. I appreciate you taking the time to do the change.


Aww poor Tank. He was just trying to keep up with the new Forever Dog.


Aw, poor Tank! I have a friend whose dog needed both ACLs repaired, and other than keeping her calm and relatively quiet during the recovery period, it was straightforward and she seems to be good as new with no more pain. I bet the hardest thing for Tank will be not jumping and running to keep up with Trixie during the recovery.

Lisa Souza

Oh, thanks for the vote of confidence about the surgery. He will have to be on a leash during his recovery but it is good to know that the prognosis will be good. I will wait to hear from the Vet, on Tuesday. I can really see him favoring one leg, on our abbreviated walks so it will be good to gitterdone, if needs be. The blessing about Trixie is that she can settle down, in the house. She is just that good. Whew!


Best wishes for an easy and Tank-full recovery.


Is there doggie PT too? Thank goodness for diagnosis and potential for a fix!


One of our dogs tore her ACL last summer and she had surgery to repair the damage. It wasn't easy keeping her calm during the 8 week recovery period but she's back to normal now. She is a small dog and you know how much crazy energy those small dogs can have!

Lisa Souza

8 weeks of recovery? Of course, I am going to do whatever it takes but that should be quite the interesting bit of time with somebody like Trixie egging him on. Ai-yi-yi. Thanks for the input! The doctor said that he would have to be on a short leash, whenever going outside. I'd like to put his rear end into a cart! Haha.

Tina whitmore

I posted on your Facebook wall in response to this. Freia's had two TPLOs so I've been through this and know the drill. I HIGHLY recommend my dr, dr. Andrew SAMs in Mill Valley for the surgery. Call me if you want to know more, also read my blog (Freia and the knitwhit) to read about Freia's op and recovery, it will help you a lot.

Tina whitmore

Sorry wrong blog addy

Lisa Souza

Thanks T! We will know, for sure, this Tuesday. The surgeons that come in to do the work at my local vet are specialists in this kind of surgery and my vet had them work on his own dog. I feel confident that Tank will get the best care. Dr Kennedy calls himself a GP and makes certain that we go (or stay) for the right specialists.
I love how, in this blog-o-sphere, all that you need to do is put out the call and info just flies in. Thanks SO much for sharing! I feel SO much more at ease.

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