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Elizabeth Risch

Hey, now you're down in my neck of the woods. I wish I could meet up with you, but hubby is recovering from a toe amputation. He's doing fine, just needs to take it easy with his feet elevated. Have fun, and hope to see you soon up at Rancho Souza. :)

Lisa Souza

That hubby and his missing bits...heal up that part, pick a beautiful day and head up in one of your RED veehickles. I have another perfect place for Steve to lounge, with his feet up, now that the Pah-tio is ready for visitors. Comfy chairs and ottomans for elevating the feet. Tinkling water feature and mother nature...what's not to love?


S'funny, we are freezing here now on the Least Coast. And lots of rain, now that we are on a water restriction.

Manny Ramirez...he can't give it up? Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Hope he was as entertaining for your side as he was for us.

Lisa Souza

Laurie, two days ago, it was a hot and sunny day, here in the foothills and then, yesterday, we had a dumping of rain and a big drop in temperature. Water restrictions have been OUR forte, since the 70's.
Manny? He was a "draw" to the A's Farm Team but was a big snooze, while another A, on "bed-rest" hit a grand slam, a homer and a double. Manny can't let go, it seems.

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