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Seriously - I just laughed my ass off catching up with all the posts this last week. Too funny! Beautiful dye work, cute dogs, and did you really pack up the Knitting Monsters? Up for adoption? Hmmm....Seattle is only 13 hours away from SF by car.......

Congrats on the flourishing garden, impending grandchild and return to being your ARTIST self. What a joy.

Lisa S

Oh, thank you, Kim. The Knit Monsters are packed up and ready for you. You can even have the whole electric motor shenanigans...:o) Yes...adoption without fees for shots and spaying...just get it all the rock outta here. Anyone?
I'll have to put the word out for my old friends, the Rappard girls, as well. These two beautiful and hard working wheels served me well for so many years until my tendon said Unh Uh to a single treadle wheel. I was hoping to capture the Thundering Herd this morning, hunkered together in front of the wheels, in perfect sunlight...maybe tomorrow. :o)


Yummy I want that color. Yeah, that one.


Hi, Lisa! Just finishing up a lace scarf in the last of the yarn I bought from you at Stitches. Gorgeous. Catching up on posts here a bit, the best thing I found for gophers (not having any dogs or cats) was gopher plants. The roots give them the equivalent of poison ivy, and they stay away.

I think one bonked his head trying to come up from under the house after that, well away from the plants...

Lisa S

Oh, gopher plants. Well, duh, why didn't I think of that? Probably because it has been so long since I shopped from Gurney's seed catalogue. Thank you, Alison...I am going to check that out. Now, if I could just keep Dambi from munching my ro-o-o-o-oses. Boo hoo! (It's all about the California natives, I know.)
How is the book coming along??? I will be able to say that I knew you when! :o)


I just recently found you and hadn't seen the cardigan before. Wow!


Love those colors. You do have a way about you, don't you?

Last year I raised a tomato plant that grew out of dog poop. Oakley loves to eat tomatoes. I made everyone who came to my house check it out, but only dog owners thought it was cool.

Lisa S

Now, that is high-freaking-larious. See...I am a dog person but a bird person should know that birds are built for this, so why not dogs? Hmmm, perhaps I should keep the seeds in the red bell pepper pieces that I give Sasha...whaday think, Kerry? This could be a whole new organic gardening. ROTFLOL Somebody STOP me...


Oooooh, Lisa--you gotta KNOW I'm in love with your sweater. And all the yarns and rovings you've posted this last week. Gah, envy!

Helle From Denmark

Wauw.....Lisa!! What beautiful colors in this yarn with bombyx and silk. You are the one to blame, if my keyboard get's ruined now!:-)

Helle, Denmark

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