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The Tank is growing and Sasha looks like she's getting younger by the minute. Who could ask for more?

I spun some angora roving the other night and don't think I would have survived the experience if it hadn't been for hearing how you spin yours! I'm amazed at how much it can still bloom just sitting on the stupid bobbin! Anyway - your technique works better than well. And the halo does seem to come out sooner rather than later, judging from how my skeins looked after a little fondling by my coworkers last night! Thanks for the tips! Do you wear a mask when you spin angora or any of your other fibers?


::sigh:: Yer killing me. I always suspected that I needed some Beachstone (being a beach girl ;-)) and Olive Tones, and now I know it. Can I order more day in my day from you, too? ;-)



My morning shot of colour and fuzz. Tank is getting bigger for sure. Looks like he's excellent company for Sasha. And Butter Ration, I need one of those!


love the tankster :-)

Lisa S

Kim, the only time that I have masked up when spinning was back when I did a doghair project for full of dust, for crying out loud.I DO however mask up at all times when knitting with the cotton yarn that I use for kid stuff. Very soft but linty, like sheet changing day in a shaft of light. YIKES. (I do NOT spin cotton) Lots of twist is a good thing with angora. It really really will stand out to greet you. See this sweater? I wear this at shows and the angora stands out about 2 inches now. Same tight twist.

More hours in the day? Sam, I make it so until June 21. :o) Of course I don't leave here much, especially after adopting Tank.


Yeah he's growing, but he's growing the way Emily is growing right now - everything is staying the same but he is lengthening between his hip joints and his ankle bones! Less Tank-like.
Sadie is beautiful. I love calico cats.


Love the pictures Lisa - and thanks for the link to Riabko - might be a replacement for my favorite John Mayer.

So do you have a soft spot in your heart for the Idol rockers? I think they are all pretty good, but my favorite is Vonzell after her performance last week of "Lets Hear It for the Boy".


Vonzell is so wonderful. What a happy girl ... she really knocked me out last night with that Chaka Kahn number. I can't stand that Greek dude...puhleeeeeeeze, quit winking. Guh. Drama Geek gone hollywood. :oP
Riabko's whole album is wonderful and can easily sit up there with John Mayer. He is bluesy and rocky and soulful and is only 17. Just an old soul, I guess. I have played the CD three times already and can't wait to give the copies to my kids. :o)


I have a Sadie Cat too. And she looks remarkably similar to yours!

Your completed skeins are gorgeous. Simply lovely.


I love the picture of Sadie! What does she think of Tank?

Beautiful skeins - is that olive going to make it into your latest sweater?

Lisa S

Oh, good old Sadie. She was a rescue, an abandoned pet that my son found when he was living in Denver. She came west when he came home and after a couple of different apartments, she came home to stay with me and has been a happy kitty, with her towel lined grapefruit box and the cat door for a run outside. She was skitterish and unhappy when she first arrived but is the silliest and warmest cat now, rubber stamping any shipment that comes in, by claiming the box. She just thinks that Tank is another annoyance, like the other cats in the house. If he could corner her anywhere on the ground, she might get out a claw for him but it is mostly about peeking around the corner of the laundry room, where the cat door is and then getting herself up on the counter ASAP. I just say, "hey Sadie, here comes trouble"! She was sad when the ceiling finally went in, during the remodel, simply because she had the attic at her disposal...a quick jump from the fridge top. Her grapefruit box and big window make it everything alright.
Tank sez...DUDE, where's my breffus!

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