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what's this typepad people list??? i am not with it.
you didn't mention or i missed it, how many in your thundering herd???? i see black beauties....are you going to get another kitty?

now you can conquer the world again, Lisa. more pictures of what you are doing.

you are such a whirlwind. down here it is so sedate, you make me miss the Bay Area.....i will be heading for you Blog every a.m. with my cups of coffee.

Lisa S

Hi Jo. I'm not with it either...just fumbling along and learning how to do this web stuff. Glad that you are joining me! The Thundering Herd consists of the two Labs, Sasha and Tank. When they get going around here it sounds like buffalo running through the house...this is a small house. Nope. I am not going to subject another kitty to this mix for awhile. I have Sugar Pie (the cover girl of the website) and Sadie (the kitchen cat) and a big Ginger boy that I call Freddie the Freeloader because he gravitates between my house and the horse neighbor's house. Of course since I took him to the vet and he snuggles on the bed with me for awhile when it's cold, I guess that he is claiming me. See? There are enough kitties. Perhaps when Tank gets sedate, the Universe will send me one.


I'm glad you're feeling better. The spinning wheels are neat. I'll keep my ears open for interested parties. My friend, Ellen is looking for a wheel..........

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