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Yay, ban the machine. Sounds great to me.


Yay, ban the machine. Sounds great to me.


waah sorry about repeating myself!

Lisa S

Awww, Caroline. It's just twice the love. :oD The husband asked me if I had dragged everything out to the garbage already! Hell no...I need tools and someone to wield them. :o) Lisa, whose mind is taking a deep breath.


This is such happy news. Breathe, let those creative juices flow unimpeded by the dreaded machine, enjoy your puppy and your grandchild to be.


What a wonderful decision Lisa. Enjoy, exhale, exult!

Lisa S

Yes, I have made these noises before, when the yarn that I had been using for YEARS suddenly became unavailable. So then, after I finally took the garments down off of the website and swore that I was done, the sweater junkies draw me back in with whining and moaning. Of course I still had my machine and found another yarn. dumb. Every piece had dollar signs attached to it...I raised the prices and finally discouraged all but the totally committed. I had to be committed...cotton headaches. HELLO! Brenda is proud that I have taken the machines out of the room. more machine knit cotton sweaters. All gone. Bye bye. :oD Back to my roots.


Farewell, Knitting Machine.

Helloooooo Grandbaby!

I bet being a Grandma is going to be even better than you imagined. I'm so excited for you.

And the Sweater Nuts will get over it.


the sweater junkies. please tell me they are more annoying than your yarn junkies. (can you tell which category i fall into?)
machine begone! let the baby bootie knitting commence!


Yeah, a knitting machine can't hug you! Of course, it won't poop on you either... That's a brave and feeing move!


Congratulations on a tough decision! You will be a super dog-mom/grandma/gardener/artist. Go for it!

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