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Oh Lisa, I am so sorry about your cat. The two of you had wonderful years together, and now you can remember the better times knowing that she is in a better place where she can chase the birds and butterflies all day and the sun always shines. BIG HUGS and see you soon!
Jen, with tears in her eyes


You did the right thing. I was fortunate, I made the appointment with our regular vet, and when she came into the examining room, she talked to us for two minutes and then said, "You're right, it's time." You know that because Misty already told you. My second girl is coming up on 18 too, getting skinny but still feisty as of now.


Ah, Lisa, how awful for you...I'm so sorry about Misty cat. I really hate having to make these decisions, and you know you did the right thing. Big virtual hugs coming your way, and in person, soon. :-(


Big hugs for you!! You are brave and responsible.


I'm sending you a big hug. It is never easy to lose a pet. Enjoy the fiber and your daughter's belly!

Lisa S

Boo hoooooo. You guys are so kind. I appreciate the hugs and will enjoy the sun that is shining to day, thanks to that energy. I think that I will go ply that yarn out on the deck today, if I can stand the din coming from my beloved hiway 24. The dogs are remarkably quiet. They must know.

Debbie/St. Louis

Been there, done that, and it's an awful experience. I'm sending sympathetic thoughts your way.


lisa, sending all love your way. making a decision like that is so so hard. my shotsie is almost 12 and i can see her getting older every day. love ya gal :-)


oh lisa, i know exactly how it feels, the anquish, the sorrow, the right not wrong thing. what a wonderful story of life and giving that you tell. know that my thoughts are with you. and you are right, that stuff to be plied looks exactly like knitter's fudge. i think i need some!


Virtual Hugs, Big Sis!


Hugs indeed, and lots of them. The hard side of love...

Jen in CT

Lisa, I'm so sorry about your cat. Our pets are so precious to us; it's so very hard to let them go. Misty had a wonderful life with you.


Oh Lisa. You treated her with love and respect, who could ask for more.


You did a wonderful thing for your friend. She had a fabulous kitty life because of you, and in return she gave you purring and cuddles. Everyone did everything exactly right. Too bad it can't all go on forever. Here's another hug :-)

June P

Oh Lisa, I am feeling so sad and happy for you both all at the same time. I have a 17 year old kitty who is going that way as well. I just haven't come to *the day* yet. (((Big hugs to you.)))



Lisa, I so wish I could give you a big hug. You did the right thing for Misty and I am sure that she is sending you love and gratitute for a wonderful life with folks who loved her.


Lisa, i do hope you have some young ones at home.
i always had all ages because of the inevitable, horses, dogs, and kitty kats. now i am an old lady and asked my daughters to make sure they will take care of my babies when i join my other creatures. but i don't feel my age so more strays land on my property and guess what!!!!

love you. jo and the gang

Lisa S

Oh, thanks Jo! That's what keeps us young...the new ones that step in to fill the spot in our hearts. Although he was quiet yesterday, Little Tank fired up the silliness and love last night for awhile and this morning it is back to the usual romping and shenanigans of The Thundering Herd. Misty is mighty glad that she does not have to run/hobble through the gauntlet of puppy attention any more. On the other side, may she have the claws that were so rudely taken away by her first gaurdian. (the idea...:oP) My neighbor with the horses and goats (I get to care for them when she goes away)has taken in another young cat that seems to have been dumped at her doorstep...they find the right home. Sounds like they find the right home with you as well, Jo. Thank you for writing in!

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