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Shop like a drunken sailor - hee! I'm never like that

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, watch out for stomachepains dear!!!!:-)))

Im just like you.....i cannot have that grease in the wool have to be TOTALLY out of the fibers i it's just wash wash wash!:-)


Mmm, cherries. I have a special affinity for them. I'm so excited its cherry season.

But I'm even more excited for the first glimpse of the grandbaby. I had to wait until 20 weeks with both my boys. It was sooo long to wait. Got my fingers crossed that everything is perfect.

Lisa S

Well, little mother called me and is as nervous as can be. I told her that back in the day when she was coming along, it might have well been the dark ages! No pictures...nothing other than the midwife's guess that the fast heartbeat was a girl. Of course I went home and immediately started calling her by her name. That was all that I needed. Now, they can tell the sex at 12 weeks! I don't know if they will get one of those "portrait" ultrasounds, being Kaiser members but those things are just CRAZY bizness. I have seen them and been able to see the family resemblence from an older child. No more of that waiting to check the parts on the birthday...

In the meantime...I think that I am cherried out. They are sitting there and I could care less. :o)


Hm, dogs + cherries = somebody urgently needing to go outside a little later??

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