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Helle From Denmark

Ahhh......nice thing to wake up to in Denmark!!!:-))) You are right about the needs something...maybe a little more black, and a a touch of a darker red to!! The other one...ohhh my..hoo....that is breathtaking Lisa...i do hope you remembered to write down what you used in that one....if not....ARRRRRGHH!!*Grin*


Wow, those are great. I really like the intense colors, and the mix.


Mmm. pretty.


You are GoooooooooooooooD. Really good. And now that I spent a day trying to learn what you do (and running away screaming) I can appreciate your skill all the more.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh Helen.....could we se a picture, of you running around screaming?? Please!*Grin* Wonder if your hair stood right up on your head to!:-))) Sorry...couldn't resist!:-)))


Love the yarn.

I believe there were two of us who suggested more cats, too.

Lisa S

More catsssssss...I told that to The Husband and although he thought that my idea of a Bear would be patriotic (Golden Bear...California...), he thought that we should go with the freebies that are turning up everywhere now...a Cougar. Yeahhhhh, that's the ticket. A B I G cat. Listen, with the way that I have to throw the covers off at night (bursting into flame is SOOOO much fun) another cat would drive me nuts...yes, MORE nuts. It would have to be a cougar/Puma/mountain lion to survive the Tankinator, believe me. (He just spent the better part of the morning running through the sprinklers while Sasha sat on the sidelines mulching a stick.)

Hey, Kerry, were you the person that asked me for a Fiery Sunset? I can't remembahhhh. I have a real Retina Damage Red that really DOES hurt my eyes, especially under the halogens in the booth. It is ok in wool but MAN with the nylon...EYE Carumba! I guess that felters could make hay, I dunno. This Earth Birth is growing on me, to be sure. It is actually stonger in color, in Real Life. Put that next to the new green and everyone will run eyes, my eyes! :oD


New green?!? Did I hear, "new green?" Tell me it's a retina-burning acid green, and I'll be a happy camper :-) I love the new colors, Lisa, but then yours has always been a "Yes, please, I'll have one of everything" kinda place for me. Echoing Marcia, "" ;-)


Lovely, lovely.


Sky drama is beautiful!! The reds and oranges are really lava!!


I want purple for me. I was thinking chunky cashmere for a winter neck thing, but I'm having the same problem with body moisture as you and I'd probably wreck it. Like the merino, too, I'll wait till after your show, though.

A while back I was thinking that everyone should have a pair of bright red mittens, but I don't think that was a conversation with you. Put it on the site, let me see.

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