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Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, what a weekend...poor you!!!:-) But i have to laugh....yes i did wonder why you didn't blog this weekend.....!!:-))) And this Cormo...voila....wauw...can you hear my slobber is running. Why don't they have this kind in Denmark! Grrrr........! It looks soooo soft and.....deep sigh!*Grin*



Kiddy sweater does look cushy and fun though :)


*sigh* - time to sit back with Something Refreshing, set the Hubby to the massage parlor and let the Thundering Herd entertain you for a while. Have a relaxing Memorial Day, Big Sis, despite the approaching show...


You know I'm going to ask why no combing. I loved combing!!! Why no combing?

Lisa S

Wellllll, no combing because I will probably be making this yarn for "others" and if I can cut down on futzing time, I will. I just spun some out of a couple of nice locks and it is wonderful. The locks can just be sort of "snapped" to make them bloom open and the I can just go to town with them. That is too much wool for me to be combing and dizzing my way through, believe me. BELIEVE ME. :o)


Wow. You were BUSY! Speaking as the bread generation, we really and truly depend on you lunchmeat types. I know that I would be hopelessly and helplessly lost and lonely at this stage in my life if were not for my folks.

Exactly how co-dependant? Well, dearest Hubby is accepting a job in New Hampshire tomorrow AM. We'll be leaving the land of unaffordable housing (aka SF Bay Area) and departing for the eastern seaboard, for a great job with 25% more salary. And we'd pass in a heartbeat if my parents said they weren't interested in relocating too.

Never underestimate your importance in their life. And when the GF is old enough to call you "gamma", you'll be even more appreciated for the respite you can give.

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