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I can't believe your desk is that clean. Amazing. I have paper piles on every side of my (not so lovely as yours) monitor! Also, I love every photo of your dogs--Tank and Sasha both. :) Joanne


That puppy picture is so sweet! I just want to eat him up!

Lisa S

Oh, the desk is clean but you can't see the pile o' stuff on my work table...sigh. Before long there will be plenty of the usual crapola on either side of the keyboard, believe me.
Tank looks like such a sad puppy in so many pictures but man, when he starts playing with Sasha, the grin gets to be a mile wide. What a lovely and loving boy he is...a real favorite with all of the LABS that live on this street. (someting in the water supply??? There is only one foofoo dog and she thinks that she is the queen of all the giant dogs...why IS that?) Oh, he found a new way to recycle cardboard cones from giant cones of yarn...crunch crunch crunch, shred, spread. There is a lovely grey scattering of cahhhhhhhhdboard near his favorite bathmat/dog rug. Lovely...


Tank is a cutie :) And I'm heading over to Genopalette ;)


That pin drafted stuff is something i gotta try!!! It looks great.

Lisa S

It is great stuff. It spins so fast and has enough of whatever came out in the wash in there to keep it sort of stiff, in comparison to most merino. Granted, this is not the superfine merino but any colored merino is less soft than that. I highly recommend it and I am grateful to whoever sent up the enablement alert that I followed. Yummy yummy. Elizabeth, your Rose should just devour the fiber and make you feel like a spinning diva! The price is great and certainly worth it.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, your poor ankles...want some help??*LOL* I denie to start talking about, how it looks around my minitor!:-))) It is a crafthome you know...*Grin*

The color on your wheel.......hmm..., i gues i have to hope to get a millionaire, if i want to get around at have a little "taste" of everything you have to sell!:-)))

Cute puppy....i had labs on my own, until 1998...they are just food-lovers, right??:-))


thank you thank you thank you!!! that'll hold me over for a while ;-)


Great puppy pics - aren't black labs the best?


Tank looks like a good kisser. Very cuddly dude. Thanks for the puppy fix!

On the far left of your wall, there's a cartoon that looks funny. What is it?

Lisa S

Recognize Bill the Cat? He sez in his Prayer For the Stressed:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I cannot accpt and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because they pissed me off.

And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today as they may be connected to the ass that I may have to kiss tomorrow

Help me to always give 100% at work...
12% on Monday
23% on Tuesday
40% on Wednesday
20% on Thursday
5% on Friday

And help me to remember...
When I'm having a realy bad day,
and it seems that people are tring to piss me off,
that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me.

This cartoon was sent to me a few years ago and I had it in the dye room (tell-tale dye splatters) to help me through a time when I was dyeing for "others"...

The poster on the right side of the computer is one of my favorite paintings at The Palace of the Legion of Honor, Teh Broken Pitche by William-Adolph Bougeureau.


Oh, that APPLE store....
Sorry I missed you at Sheep and Wool, but glad you got to meet my pal
she just emailed to tell me she
start thinking about blogging,
especially after seeing your site....
but what if it takes over her life?


That brown really DID turn out beautiful! Now, I am not a brown person so a voice in the back of my head would be saying, "overdye, overdye".

Lisa S

Hey, Greta! Mary Ann (of Three Waters Farm, you guys) is very talented and fun. I am so glad that I went into her booth on our second run around the big building. The work is beautiful and I told her that I am going to keep petting the skein that I bought from her because of the hand but also because her color sense fits right in with my own palette. I can't wait to find a perfect fit for this beautiful yarn. I know, she will blame ME if she gets sucked down into the vortex of blogging. I blame Caroline for my falling down the fleece rabbit hole after all of these years. Thank you, Caroline. Mmmmwaaaah!

Caroline, I thought about the over-dye thing and may do that with the second project with it. I know, all of you blue lovers think that we brown lovers are goofy. One of the charcoal fleeces that I bought will probably get a color treatment because it will be rich and deep and glorious. You just have to be more careful about what goes over brown...grey is a lot easier.

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