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Have you seen the movie Caddy Shack? Maybe you could pick up a few pointers. LOL!

Sorry about the garden nasties.


Where is Rachel Carson when you need her?....

Lisa S

Silent Spring? Soylent Green? :o)
Caddy of my all time neighbor is getting to the point of wanting to put plastic explosives down the holes, let me tell you! I used to count on Sugar Pie, although I did not appreciate the Wild Kingdom aspect of a hissing pocket gopher in here, her favorite place to duel with it...sweet, so many places for the thing to run around to. Oh yeah...not like the roof rats that can climb up bookcases. We have a cartoon, on our fridge, of a cat coming to the cat flap with a dangling rat, only to see a sign that reads..."no outside food". That is a credo around here...TAKE IT OUTSIDE!!!

I just need a huge cage over the whole tomato area. Yuck, double yuck. Pout.

Helle, my excited fingertips are a beautiful fiery sunset...too excited for gloves? Who me?


you need more cats ;-)

Lisa S

Yeah,'re right...sure! Why not? Maybe I should get a BEAR! :o)


More cats is the obvious answer.


L, I feel your gardening pain. When I first moved to the Sta. Cruz Mountains I had visions of an English Garden. HA! Dambi and his whole freakin' family was just waiting for me to start planting the roses! And then there was the great Delphinium debacle - a beauoooootiful delphinium that disappeared into the ground right before my disbelieving eyes! I have tried to fight the deer and the gophers. I gave up. My city cats wouldn't know what to do with a gopher, and the dog squad is very brave, from behind closed doors! My tomatoes are in feed troughs on my deck. And I have a potted lemon, a lime and a kumquat on the deck too. I never knew that gardening was a battle of wits, where I would end up the loser!

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