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Your speed and talent are a constant wonder to me. Love that Tencel/Border Leicester, what a combo. Talk to me about the silk/merino roving ;)


Hi: I love Tank! He is the blackest of black puppies.

I was searching my small town for a Lab puppy when I ran into a man who had 10 black puppies. They were registered shepherds but at the time, black was black. So I picked out the biggest pup who groaned and moaned when I picked him up. He didn't stay all black but he did grow into his giant feet. He isn't fat but weighs 130 pounds. So, the moral of this story is don't be surprised if Tank tops 100 pounds when he matures. He does have those HUGE feet.

I don't spin Lisa but admire those who do. I am looking forward to seeing your cardigan and more pictures of Tank...and Vader wishes you both a nice weekend in the sun.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh......what a sight. Such a shame, i don't live just around the corner, so i could see it IN REAL LIVE! Great colors!! And silk/ Merino....ohhh...i don't think i need to say no more.....i will sit drooling all day...maybe i should se, if i can find something to protect my clothes for getting to wet from the slobber!:-)

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh.....are you talking about packing this nice baby alpaca away...stashing it, or what?? Holy cow Lisa....i still have this feeling soft feeling between my fingers, since i got the little sample, along with the Elektra.....ohh my! It hurts, all the way to the heart, to think of this soft stuff be stashed away!*LOL*

Lisa S

Oh, Junieann, why do we fall in love with these big things? He was much larger than Sasha was at 8 weeks and SHE weighs 130 pounds. (He makes little pig noises to me when he gets in my face, funny boy.) He isn't fat, either but has the really really sturdy frame that shows me that he will be big, really big if he continues at this pace. I am waiting for the vet to tell me to switch him off of puppy food! Vader! Good boy. :o)

Helle! Wipe your chin! Haha. The silk/merino is certainly calling to me to spin it up...I can't decide. I took its portrait last night and will show it to you guys later today. There was no spinning last night because I slowly but surely sewed up the steeks on the cardie. Ugh, especially with the Thundering Herd all jazzed up from their walk in the non rainy weather. Tank would NOT leave me alone, wanting to climb into my lap, the little knucklehead! It took me forever to get that cut edge sewn up because I was so disctracted!

Lin's baby alpaca is different from what I sent you, Helle. Hers is beautiful colored fleece and perhaps if I kiss the hem of her garment properly, she will sell me some of her BLACK fiber. Another thing that I need to save a little of for MYSELF! The fleece that I played with last year looked like espresso bean colored yarn until I washed it. I just spun it up as it came out of the bag and when I got it all clean, the water was chocolate brown and the yarn was coal black. Lin! Kiss kiss kiss. :o)

Helle From Denmark

Slobber slobber slobber Lisa!!:-) Now im more long as i know, you just hide stuff and forget "it"...oh my! But don't think there is less slobber from me, just "because" it's not alpaca as the sample i got from you. Im still drooling!!:-) Lets just hope you website not gonna look like a wet newspaper!*LOL*

Helle From Denmark a bad speller......i mean at long as i know, you DONT just hide stuff and forget "it........dont you dare!:-)


I think that it would take more than mere tea to calm my sewing nerves. beautiful yarn that bfl is isn't it?

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