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Wowza! I'm so glad you put up a picture, it's scrumptious. what are the other yarns? Do not hang with Laura - she is not a model of restraint, but she's an excellent shopper :)

Lisa S

Ummm, let's see...the middle one is Safari, a really inexpensive thick/thin yarn...carded cotton. The bottom one is Fatima, that really nice combo of rayon and cotton. The top one, of course, is the sister to your skein of Ringspun, which by the way is in the hands of the USPS.



Heh - Angela's one to talk about being an excellent shopper....much less model of restraint.........


Stunning - simply stunning, Ma'am. :-)


Thanks for the advice re the yfwd vs yon! I think I need to sit down and practice with yarn that isn’t so finicky to really figure out how to read the ‘propah’ pattern! I’ll figure it out and post pictures as I go (either that or you’ll see my face splashed on the cover of the
Chronicle for having committed yanicide!).

You little guy is such a sweetie - I keep showing him to my husband, trying to convince him that we really need a third dog! Second puppies really are a joy. Godiva, our chocolate, benefited from Corsa’s wisdom regarding the dog door, potty training, and “things not intended for consumption” (and as I am sure you know first hand Labs will try just about anything). The best dogs ever!

Have fun this weekend. But remember – “everything in moderation… including moderation”


Hey - I never said I was a model of restraint did I?


you keep me in stitches, Lisa. your household must be WILD!!!!! and so much fun. your husband must be a reserved man who loves you dearly and can't believe what he married....tee hee. i guess the only time you are quiet is when you Sleep???????????????????????????????

i love all the pictures of the puppy and the boss lady. my favorite is the one with the two of them on the sofa and the expression on the Baby's face.

love you all, jo


Wowow omigawd that dog has tripled in size in 6 weeks. see you soon you color genius!

Helle From Denmark

Oh My Lisa!! Those colors from 5th of May.....they are just LOVELY!!! You are driving me crazy, with all those nice stuff!:-)))

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