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Helle From Denmark

Ohhh.....this little birdie cant wait to se the next step. Cant wait to se it all done.....i "expect" to see pictures of it.......!!:-))) And you see my tung is hanging out of the mouth.?? Oh good...that would be embarrassing!*LOL*


What beautiful saturated color!!

Lisa S

It is fun seeing it drying. I put a layer of three pices in the pot and I am anxious to spin up the combination of saturation. It looks like candy in its dry stage. Photos to follow. I got so jazzed by this color that I threw some silk%2�OR�ino, silk and nylon yarns into a pot with the green. Squeeky Green.

Lisa S

Well, that was an interesting comment...I wonder what happened with my brain just then! Anyway, I, silk and nylon. I keep forgetting that this thing takes slashes and arrows literally...

Helle From Denmark

Ahhh......then Tweeties Candy is born!:-) I can't wait to se the result!:-) so you don't know what happened to your brain, when comment!*Grin*


Oh my goodness that color made me make that face Emily makes when she bites into a lemon slice!

Helle From Denmark

I love it.......and there is not only 3 people who looks at your website, or buy rovings, name at from you.....but MANY people. I believe that there is a lot of people who would go for bright colors ...also like this one. I'll say....take a lot of steps outside you comfort...!:-))))

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