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Helle From Denmark

HA!!!! I LOVE it Lisa!! Please continue on the colorroad......this is just so facinating, and it's makes me happy to se such happy colors....inspiration!!:-)


Wowee - candy is right, looks like a delicious bowl of sour apple chews. MMmmmm.


Hm that is a SAM color if you ask me!

Helle From Denmark

I just have this feeling, that i want to get my hands on it.....and this voice telling me.......more...more..moooore!! But i cannot find the person who is telling me, so it might be some kind of obsession in me!*Grin*


a doggie barrier actually stops tank? madaket used to simply jump over them ;-)

Lisa S

Sasha sets the tone. They could push the dog barrier (one of those corral things that we initially bought to put the rabbits out on the grass) over in a flat second, but they don't. They are happy to be on the cool little porch and so all is good. Tank just helped me take some stuff out to the mailbox and followed me nicely, to and fro. Sasha would have been naughty and run to the house with the most dogs (and the swimming pool)

Sam color, to be sure. I have some mohair stewing right now, just to see how reflective this is without the silk. Nice!

Thanks for the push to the bright side, Helle. It is fun. :o) (there is a fine line between Bright that people will wear and BRIGHT that gives you retina damage...)


Beautiful singles, beautiful fiber, beautiful walkway and crazy dog!

Helle From Denmark

Ohh Lisa......people will wear much more than you think. Think of people who knit bags, and felt them...sweaters for kids etc. Me...i even have an idea about knit a Hanne Falkenberg design, where one of the colors are pretty close to the Candy. I can email you a picture of a little easter chicken i got from one of my kids.....that is actually in the color im thinking of...and i would only be fun, that it is rainbowdyed yarn!:-)


But it's just *those* shades of retina scaring green that we need up here in the grayer PNW falls and winters! Plus it's a happy happy color. Admit it. It's happy!

Very impressive thin singles Big Sis! That pin-draft stuff did somethin to ya.........I think it would make a really neat thick/thin spiral yarn as one of the plies. I like your idea for that and can't wait to see what you come up with

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