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Oh, how i love to read your blogs, when i finally remember to tune in. you have the gift of gab, young lady. why don't you write a book, i am first in line. is it hot up there???? it hit 100 down here. i will borrow your wading pool after the doggie is out of it or i will join in on the fun.

Helle From Denmark

Are you sure that Tank is alive??*Grin* Maybe he have poison himself with this acrid green least he seems pretty doped to me on the pic*LOL* In Denmark, the farmers also claims that the smell from the dunghill, is the smell of Money.....oh my. I have never least not yet have this smell from my wallet....maybe it's because i don't have enough of them!*GG* But i can assure you, that if i ever get that smell, from my money, i will use them as fast a least it is a good excuse to go buy yarn and fibers...ehh??:-)))


LOVE that sweater. You're keeping it, right? It'll look great on you.

I'm sorry you're missing the fireworks.

Lisa S

Thanks, you guys. :o) The sweater is way too small for me, Kerry. It is just turning out to be for those itty bitty people that have come up to me the past few years and said "Where are the small ones"? I agree with the colors being my colors and even if it does not find a home, it is the act of making it that is my great pleasure.
Today we see if The Husband can even get out of bed after over-doing it out in the garden.


Love the sweater - and I am just amazed by people that have a functional sewing machine and know where the electrical cord is! (Mine has been missing for 2 moves = 7 years).

We have a baby pool for our dogs - it's a must when you have labs. OK, we have two baby pools - one for the kids and one for the dogs. Tell Sheila I love love love the buttons and am planning a project around the ones I bought from her when she was in Seattle!


Thanks for posting the play-by-play of cutting your steeks. It's really high on my list of things to muster the courage for. After I knit something that needs cutting of course.


The button/yarn combo is gorgeous as ever. Kudos to whoever set it up such that your booths were close to each other!

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