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That green tastes really good. My mouth actually started to water, like I had just stuffed it with a bunch of Sour Patch Kids. I've never thought "juicy" about yarn before!


Ooh, that green is beautiful.... wiping drool from keyboard :-)


Yum! And I don't even like green as a rule. Must be those little dabs of blue running through it...

Helle From Denmark

Mmmmm.......Yum. Can i have a bite??:-) It's very very lovely!!:-) Want a new challenge??:-)

Lisa S

Yeah, the green really DOES taste good...I hung the kid mohair and mohair wool from the rafters outside yesterday and when I looked at them, they looked edible.

Ok, Helle, fire away. :o)

Helle From Denmark

Okay .....your challenge is in your email...lets se, if you have the courage for this one!:-)

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