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Ooh Aaah I like the new one. Bluer. AND - omigod that's a GERANIUM?? I'd like a geranium like that...

Lisa S

Oh, good. I needed to ask people if they agree about the completed vision that I had for this colorway. I went from the blue side of the Periwinkle, down through to the warm side. What say you?

Yes, I crack up when I hear Geraniums called annuals but have only been through a freeze deep enough to kill them and the citrus ONCE while we were here. It was a long freeze for us. Geraniums just grow that way around Bougainvillea (thank dog for spellcheck on my other program...ugh) in Santa Barbara and south. We also have brown hills in the summer...take your pick. :o)

Helle From Denmark

Ahhh.....are you surprised when i say i adore this color???:-) But the other one......your first shot for that's also VERY VERY adoable!! I really hope your not gonna put it away and forget about it.......then i will have to come and "kick your but"!!!!*LOL* I hope i maked myself clear!*Grin*

June P

Lisa, these are great colors either way you decide to go with it! I am always partial to the deeper, darker color themes, but I have been trying to lighten it up lately! Do one for Spring and one for Winter how's that for a compromise?? BTW I like the lava too. . . maybe it will heat things up around here. Gheez it's been cold! - June


definetely take some time to play. although there is that very fine line twixt work and play when delving head first into the fiber arts.

Lynne S of Oz

Oh, sunsety colours! Bee-yoo-ti-ful! I like earth birth and the paler verison and the fibre you have been spinning up recently.... I would have sooo much fun if I could get dyed fibre in those colours (or I could eventually work out how to dye it myself).

Lisa S

Well, I guess that it is time to apply those colors to spinnable fiber. Thanks you guys.
Nice to meet you, Lynne. Marti, Happy Belated Birthday.
I'm looking forward to being done with spinning all of the green/blue silk/merino and on to the next project, whatever it will be. :o)

Helle From Denmark

Ohhhh, i cant wait to see this as spinable fibers......DO remember to show it!!! You have to show everything.....less than that will not be enough......drooooool!*Grin*

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