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Helle From Denmark sound so thrilled..........i LOVE THAT!!! See...somehow a bad thing, can turn out to be a GREAT thing!!!:-))

I love that stuff....yums..south Pacific.....voila. The other one....somehow reminds me of Sky Drama...and then..not quite....that is very Yummy too!!:-)


As long as you make it back for Stitches and Kings Mountain, I do hope. Best of luck, and may you end up in the perfect place.

Can't wait to show off my Sky Drama shawl at TGKA! Which means I'd better get back to work...

Lisa S

Thanks Alison, I would not want to forsake the shows in the Bay Area, I just want to live somewhere quiet so that I can hear myself think and go out on the deck and read a book in peace, with only the cacaphony of Stellar Jays to break the quiet.

I can't wait to see how your wild piece knits up in Sky Drama!

Yes, Helle, there are components of Sky Drama in the new variation but this one goes to the warmer side instead of the blue. I could just wrap myself in it, I love it so much.


Wonderful looking stuff, and what a wonderful decision. It's fun and scary at the same time isn't it?


You sound very much like someone just graduating from college, just waiting for "real life" to finally start happening! Are you going to have a commencement party to kick this off?

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh......both of these two colors.....will spin up just start getting thought of what could be maked out of those two, in worsted....NOT GOOD........NOT GOOD.....cannot spend more money now.......Miiiiiike.....drag me away, please........!*GRIN*

Lisa S

That's right...drag yourself away from the keyboard, Helle. Wipe your chin! :o)

Hey Kerry, that sounds like a great idea. A graduation party. On to the new life. I tell you, as an only child in a divorced family (rare back in the late 50s) I learned to worry about everthing and everyone, having no power in the world, what-so-ever. Now, I want the power to have my artist's lifestyle in peace. I already have a show colleague (an Irish knitwear designer) who lives up in El Dorado County, having made the move from the Bay will be wonderful tp be near her. Now, to do all of the work to make it happen.


I'm glad you've come up with an idea about how to make things turn out good or better! Sounds exciting.

I'm grinning fiendishly, not just nodding - that BFL is fabulous looking. Can't wait to get my hands on it, if you don't spin it all yourself! I'm spinning BFL right now. Well I don't mean right THIS MINUTE, I'm actually typing right now...

Lisa S

Yeah, Caroline, there is a real UNH feeling with this stuff...fluffy and light and wonderful. Mmmmm. Don't worry...there will be enough to go around, believe me. :o) Are you spinning yours au naturel?


How beautiful is that! What a day bfl and being able to contemplate being closer to first grandchild. I will be wishing you good luck in your hunting and finding in the bay area!


Wow, wow, wow! I'll take one of those, and some of that, and all of THAT pile... luscious stuff, Lisa!

So happy for you that you're working things out and things are moving in a positive direction. Many more good thoughts coming your way.

LOL about the cats on the table. I was cooking dinner one night and looked over and there's one of the cats on the table, swiping a piece of lettuce out of the salad bowl. Happens in the best of families :-)


Okee, M'friend - Here I am, happily reading along on your blog when I see that you've slated me for 100 ounces of Flying Fish!!!!
I see you spinning...spinning...spinning the Flying Fish. I see me drooling over the FF. But - eekkkk - reality check - I can't afford the FF, at least not 100 ounces.

I suspect you wrote this to get my heart rate up to an aerobic level without the exercise. And you have!

And you've made me laugh yet again.

I hope.

You did mean to be humorous.

If not, I'd better get writing pretty damned fast, or I'm in deep doo doo.


Lisa S can you see when your dress is blown up over your head? I think that it is a distinctly satisfying payback for you calling me with that request, before I knew that it was YOU. I am glad to raise your heartbeat...payback for what you do in print, you gore slinger, you. No matter what, get writing...I am going to be finished with The Dead Stone and wanting more Tally, you know, just like that Biggest Fan in the Stephen King novel.


I pull out the BFL whenever I am depressed. Even in white, there is something about it lusciousness that just makes me purr. I recently discovered the Dark BFL and it is gorgeous.

I should tell you that Sacramento is also a hot bed of designers. Well, maybe not a hot bed but we have Joan of White Lies and Darlene of Hand Jive, as well as a couple of minor designers. Heck, it's the place where Nancy Wiseman started out before her move to Oregon. Come on up.

Lisa S

Ah yes, Sacramento. Hot is the word, alright. :o) I spent many a summer as a kid, visiting grandparents in Roseville and Citrus Heights, back in the day when sitting around sweating was a sport. Of course, my cousins and I could be bought off with a trip to A&W, with grandpa buying a cone of rootbeer to take home. Life was sweet AND sweaty.

The Leicester breeds won my heart at MS&W. I am hooked.

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