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Helle From Denmark

Hahaha......i like that clock!!!*LOL*

Josephs coat....why does the colors seems more bright in this one, than on the picture in our webshop???:-)


My retirement clock says 18 years exactly. Emily is 4 today.

Lisa S

Awww, Caroline, you may retire from that job but you will never get to retire from being Emily's mama. May she grow up strong and smart and get a great job so that she can keep YOU in the manner that you have kept HER...your living room filled with YOUR toys. :o)

Helle, it is the reflectiveness of the silk that makes the color so much brighter. I also did the Joseph's Coat in BFL that day and while it is deep, it is not as gorgeous as the silk/merino.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, i love that bright look in it Lisa...yummy. Maybe i should stay away from your blog......i CANT afford to get spinal is like a wine you know, from the other day, when i accidently ordered a kit for a specific shawl!*GRIN*

Helle From Denmark

By the way sweetie! How come, that this silk/merino tops aren't in your webshop??? Maybe it's good that it isn't!*GRIN* Wish i could take it out of the screen!

The social office computersystem screwed up...have got money weekly....guess you can call it social support.....welfare or something for a while now...and the system cannot figure out, that in the next month i have to continue to get that....until i get my pension....!! Talked to them, and she would take care of it manually....but how long that takes...!:-( If i had the money, i would BUY IT!:-))))

Lisa S

Awww, thank you, Helle. I have only been dyeing silk/merino for my own spinning but have to start photographing more of it now for spinners! My web designer is on vacation and so I am tapping my foot to get more new things up for people to see and play with.

I hope that your government figures out how to get your disability to you on a regular basis so that you can quit worrying about it!

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, you better drag your webdesigner back to the chair.......we WANT TO SEE what you are playing at!!*GRIN*

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