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Well, we didn't say you had to KNIT sock yarn, just DYE it. We can't wait to see your new goodies.

The dogs look so cute together - do you ever just wish Tank would stay this size forever? They are such a little matched nested set.

Helle From Denmark

Mmmmm......!! Lovely sight.....yarn, spinning...yummy. Is that the wooley winder you got for your wheel?? born in the wrong country...uhuu!:-)

Hope you and Rod gonna know something more about how it's gonna end. Those trip, with that kind of rollercoaster aint fun!!!:-( Remember....DON'T buy new tickets for that rollercoaster!:-)


They look so peaceful. If you really are considering moving, MN has its nice days. Not a ton of them, but you really grow to have a heightened appreciation for them when they're here. We could have dog play dates.

Pretty pretty stuff. Love the alpaca, looks like dream stuff.

Helle From Denmark

Well, you should be welcome here in Denmark too!!:-))) If you ask me!!!:-)


Oh--I just LOVE Blue Faced Leicester, too! And sock yarn--whooppee! What kind of fiber(s) is it?

I can't believe how Tank has grown...

Reading about the turns your life is taking right now, I remember George's dad on Seinfeld: SERENITY NOW!!!!


Ohhh, ohhh I want some sock yarn!!! Me Me Me!!!


Ohhh be careful, it was Serenity Now, Ulcers Later if I remember correctly.

Lisa S

In our house SERENITY NOW sounds about right. We also celebrate Festivus! :o) You can celebrate Festivus in a Double Decker Double Wide, can't ya? (If you don't know Keller Williams, I recommend that you check him out...)

Suzanne G.

Hey Lisa!

I didn't know you had a Rose! :-)

I was looking at the photo and going, hmm, that bobbin looks familiar. Wait a minute, the whole thing looks familiar!

I love my Rose...


Gorgeous yarn.

Lisa S

Hey, Suzanne...another reason for us to be sisters...I REALLY love my Rose and I loved meeting the Poad Family last November. They are such a nice bunch and they put out a great product.

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