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Well, that clinches it. I'm going to have to go see it. Maybe I'll even see it in the theater. This is a big deal. The last move I saw in the theater was in July 2001!

Lisa S

Well, I think that it will be money well spent. You need to experience it in a theatre and we all need to show Hollywood that this kind of movie is important enough to get our butts out of our living rooms and into movie theatre seats. Show them that we want fine movies that are meaningful and not a lot of things blowing up. People were lined up for the next showing when we sniffled on out of there...good stuff. Good for our little Park Theatre.


Thanks for the review! This has been on my list to see, and now it's moved to the front of the line, as it were. :-)


Hey Lisa. Just gotta tell you: I wore the shawl I made from your Petals yarn today; I think the name of the colorway is Tropical Flowers. It's my simplest pattern, just a six-stitch allover repeat lace pattern, but the colors! I got more compliments, and people asking if they could touch it. It was the radiance of the silk blended in with those colors, which had come out so perfectly balanced. Bien fait! Well done. See you at Oakland, and if you have some of that Sky Drama colorway there in that yarn, it'll be going happily home with me.

Lisa S

Gee, thanks, Alison. I am putting that new colorway into the line-up and will remember to put Petal on the to-do list. I look forward to seeing YOU in Oakland. It will be a much more under-control and relaxed market at THIS event, although the exibitor list is really great. I can't wait to meet all of the Smarty Pants Upper Eschelon knitters! :oD I tell you, the projects that I have seen for these expert knitters certificates are just to die for. I feel positively ham fisted next to these people. I can't wait to see and ogle the beautiful work.

Sam, I had to hide my eyes with some of the fight scenes, really scary. I look forward to seeing a second time so that I don't have to hide my eyes. (this happened the first time that I saw Gladiator and I have watched that movie over and over again, ready for the violent bits that move the story) I am a total scardy cat at the movies and hate violence but when you watch a movie about a fighter, it comes with the territory, eh? The story is very moving and the acting is superb.

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