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That really bites!! I hope your DH is handling it as well as you are. Sending good thoughts your way!

Helle From Denmark

I really UNDERSTAND why you got MAD! This words doesn't sound good, but im gonna "say" it anyway.....F-U-C-K THEM!! You just go ahead, and have fun with your husbond dyeing and stuff. If anybody can do it, and manage, it's you two guys!! And enjoy to spend time together. People are to busy in these days, and almost do not have time together.....ENJOY it, and i will support you, with keep on buying from "you two", when i can afford it!!!!:-)))

Helle From Denmark

By the got loads of fiber dyed ....but where is the picture of that?? I WANNA SEEEEE IT!:-) You cannot tell such things, without showing it of!!!*GRIN*


So does this mean maybe you'll start doing fiber shows in the PNW? I can save you loads of money by giving you a place to stay and food.......I'm sorry your family is faced with such a yucky decision. But then often do we get the chance to create a new life for ourselves mid-way through? We're all feeling the bite of 'outsourcing' up here, too. Take care, Big Sis!


Isn't it funny how outsourcing often ends this way. I was in Rod's situation 6 years ago - sold off as part of an inhouse IT dept outsourcing. Then, the client started squeezing and the high class body shop (EDS) started axing. Result: now, there are maybe 3 people left from the original several-hundred inhouse IT dept and the client is taking back functions - except they have no institutional knowledge anymore, just a bunch of strangers. I went in round 3, I lasted about 2 1/2 years. Tell Rod to have a meeting with Company 1 just to make one attempt. After that, turn your backs and have a different life.

Lisa S

Yeah, Kim...that is what this will mean. :o) I think that The Husband is relaxing a bit more, now that he knows that I am behind the idea of a new life outside of a corporate paycheck. Let's see what happens and no matter what...PNW, here we come. :o)

Helle, I will take pictures of the colorful stuff after washer load number two is through another rinse. Thanks for asking.


Yeah, he should work for you -- at least he would have job security. Hugs to you both. Catch up with you guys soon.


Oh this is very ratty to do to someone who has worked faithfully for a company for many years! I hope that you enjoy your working together and become even more successful than you are now!


Lisa, you and Rod are such a great team. This is surely an opportunity. I wish you a smooth transition into your new life together.


My Dad (who was fired from 30+ jobs before starting his own business and being wildly successful) used to say that “getting fired is God’s way of telling you it’s time to go.” Now I know he didn’t get canned, that evil company is not even good enough for that. They are sneaky devils. Anyway, my point is there is something bigger and better out there for him. Greener pastures a wait.

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