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Helle From Denmark

Ohhh man.....i cannot take to see such pictures Lisa!! That is sooooooo mean!! DROOOOOOL! Hehe...if i make a market in my garden/backyard, will you come and make a show of, of all your delicios stuff?? GASP....i want it all......wonder if it helps to close my eyes, and imagine that it will be here, when i open my eyes again!*Grin* And poooooor cat......but i can beat that one.......!! Our cat actually have to sit on my knees when i pee in the morning.....!*LOL* Talk about feeling blamed for sleeping, just because she cannot be in our bedroom!*Grin*

Helen in NH

You sure do put together a beautiful display sweetie. And so, so SMART to have a full length mirror. Even if we don't use it to pick out something to buy, we slow down to admire ourselves. It's like putting a blinking yellow traffic light by your mdse. Wish I could have been there.


Aha, Bird of Paradise cashmere? Or Joseph's Coat? It looks great in seed stitch!

I have a set of 6 of those mesh cubicle thingies in my basement and I despise them. They constantly come unhooked and it's impossible to rehook them without unhooking some other corner. I suppose the fact that they come apart and pack flat is what makes them what you need.

Was that the colorwork cardigan I saw hanging up there in the back, top left? Did it sell before we even saw it finished? Or is that something similar?

Yakk yakk...


Lisa you wonder-worker you! Booth looks fabulous, mirror, WIP, brilliant. The Universe is smiling and nodding eh?


On to next month! I'm torn, though: I want to show off what I did with my Petals Sky Drama yarn, except, I have to wait till Oakland to actually buy it from you. Right?

Lisa S

See, I tried to pack you guys in my van but there was no room on the way DOWN the state...

Caroline, that cardie is the Tuscan Cardie. The Desert cardie did not get finished before this show. I thought, where should I put my 25c worth of time and since I just felt that I could not finish both sleeves, I put the time into roving, which was smart. They do NOT need wool sweaters in LA unless it is close to ski season or they are visitors from Wis-CAN-sin or Bal'mer.

Bird of Paradise cashmere. Yeah. People look at my yarn a lot differently when it is knitted up. I know what it is going to look like (or NOT look like) and it does not charm in the skein or roving all of the time, if it is painted but when knitted up, it becomes a swan. I just need time to knit more swatches!

Alison, never fear, Underdog is here and you shall bells on your toes and Petal in your hands before long. Man...I need lunch, I am really getting goofy.


i am still laughing at all the antics of You, Husband, and Kitty Kats perform. What a household. how does your Mother explain living you while you were growing up and then a teenager.

did i tell you i have 3 black girl kitties and one orange boy who was homeless and one grey/white boy who lives outside and my big overweight German Shep Maia. only going on 3 and is on a diet (so called diet, i can't starve her, right?)


Bal'mer! Bal'mer! Lisa! Where did you learn Marylandese?! I was telling someone today I needed to go back there to get my Southern accent back. He said, Maryland's not south. I was going, yes, it is; we're bilingual, as someone once said on Stephanie's blog: southern and non-southern. But Bal'mer--that, my friend, is definitely inside information. Go Lisa!

And I can't wait to play with that yarn, thanks!


Looks like CANDY!!! Must eat Skittles. I just want to stick my face in every one of those cubes.


Well, you *know* what color is catcing my eye, but what a gorgeous display! I love the cashmere. And hey, I beg to differ - I find your yarn and roving *utterly* charming! :-)

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