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I just had the second half of a root canal on Tuesday, and can sympathize! I love my dentist, but loathe novocaine. I mean, I adore it while I'm at the office, but it makes me feel lousy for hours afterward. Even for this root canal, I begged my dentist to give me as little as possible. It still took until after 7:00 before it wore off (from a 5:00 appt). Ugh. Dentists can be nice, nice people but they can do terrible things!

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh allergic to dentists!! Poor you!! I just cannot take them..!:-( Dentists and spiders....oh no....!! I have very often seen spiders drag people along with them on the roads. So i just stay away from "such things". I rather spend my money on wool/yarn, than dentists!!:-) Thank god i have strong teeths!*GRIN*

Lisa S

HELLE! You kill me! Now I will see visions of spiders dragging dentists down the road, while I am blinding myself with more Earth Birth. Hey, we like spiders (some spiders) around hitched a ride in the van on the way to LA last week (how can it be a week ago that we were setting up!) and you should have seen The Husband just shooing it out of his face, instead of throwing it out the he a spinner at heart? The license plate holder sez..."I'd Rather Be Spinning" and so spiders get to spin AND go.

Deb...root canal is the ultimate dirty word grouping to ME. Had one years ago and it was nasty. These days I guess that it is a lot easier. I don't mind the Novocaine if it will keep me from jumping out of the window. The Angel asked me if I wanted gas next time...perhaps...anyone have it? She said that it would keep me from pumping that darned stuff out of my system from having a fight-or-flight heartbeat. This guy is relatively painless but I am a big baby... I know, just knock me out and have at it. :oD


A bottle of scotch and some pliers, ya big baby. Seriously, the pain has to be so great to get me to the dentist that drilling would feel like a tickle fight. 12 years and counting. You were brave just to go.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh Lisa.......if it's "only" the dentists the spiders drag along...that should make you save!*GRIN* You are not a dentist...right???:-) I just cannot take them.....but mice and snakes doesn't bather me!! One of my sons have a cute little RAT as pet.....!! Not big nasty ones, like the ones who lives in sewers...!!:-))) Okay, go ahead.....scream and say ivvvvr!:-)

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