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Helle From Denmark

Yummy.....nice color.....! That will spin up very beautiful!!:-)

He...i think your daughter will get a girl....just a the look of her!:-)

And such beautiful flowers....the BIIIG white one....wauw....!! But the other one.......try to take a Cloooose look at the colors in it...and feel the inspiration dear!*Giggle*


Mmm, Chipwiches. When I first moved to this area and worked in downtown DC 20 some years ago, they were sold from carts on the streetcorners. Needless to say I went outside at lunch a lot... Now they seem to be only found in the ice cream freezer at the 7-11.

Lisa S

Wow is right, Helle. I didn't capture the bright yellow center of this flower but it is spectacular. (I can see it out of my bedroom window)I first saw these huge poppy plants at the University of California Botanical Gardens and fell in love right away. What a statement they make! The are a little hard to get started but now I am getting morestalks that are close to 6 feet tall. The California Poppies are sweet little orange treasures that dot the landscape as wild flowers, around the state. I planted one or two a few years ago and now they just turn up in odd places. I let them grow where they wish, even if it is in the middle of an unusual place. They suit my penchant for orange and compliment my other favorite flower color...purple.

Caroline! The Chipwich was good but here in the SF area, there is a treat that is still being made and sold a few places. It started out at the long ago demolished Playland at the Beach in ice cream sandwich called "It's It". Yeah funny name but great stuff. Soft oatmeal cookies (lots of texture) and fabulous French Vanilla ice cream. It was the reason to go freeze at the SF beach as a kid (summer in SF is NOT warm, especially at the ocean side), well, other than Laughing Sal at the Fun House...

Helle From Denmark

Then you just go to your dye room, and create more lovely yarn/rovings!! Remember.......your Danish Muse will push you, whenever she can....or being asked to do so...!!:-))) don't even need a lamp to make wishes...your wish is my command!*Grin*

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