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YAY!! CONGRATULATIONS!! So all of your hard work paid off and you got well-deserved praise for all of it. Huzzah! Wish I could have been there!


That is so freakin wonderful! Well, all except the rotten bed. See, you were meant to step away from the knitting machine. The fiber fairies are looking after you. What a buzz.


we are all happy that you are back safe and sound and exhausted. tell us more and more pics.

love, jo


I am so glad that your show went so well, and that things were just flying off the shelf. I am so sorry to hear about the bad hotel experience. I'm sure that was really frustrating (and exhausting). A plastic mattress cover? Sounds steamy-yucky.

Helle From Denmark glad to "see" you hear again!! And im THRILLED it went so well.......very very thrilled!:-) Just checked out Basia.....that is a speciel stile, but i like her knitting designs! :-) Everything sounds so good....then it's just to dye..dye...and dye more!:-))) And.....hope you got a good nights your own sounds yiaks to sleep on plastic...!:-(


Sounds great. So, I won't even THINK about ordering Sky Drama merino till AFTER next month. Isn't that nice of me? heehee.

Lisa S

Awwwww, thanks you guyz. Now, to fish out my camera...


Woohoo Miss Lisa. You deserve it :)

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