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Those skeins look wonderful to me, and don't even look overtight. Can you please tell me you didn't spin all those grey skeins in one day????? I have trouble making one skein a day and that's if I keep at it for hours. Could you also share with me the type of wheel you use?

Also I've been reading lots about BFL - it sounds fabulous - and hopefully can get my hands on some in this region!!

From a keen observer in Melbourne, Australia

Lisa S

Hi Lyn, I use a Majacraft Rose and I did spin the two bobbins worth of fiber in one day but then decided to do a self/ply (the ball winder ball trick) because I just started spinning out of the bag and did not measure two equal amounts for two bobbins. This fiber is SO soft and I know that the skeins (this is the blackest black) will be really lovely and soft but not as soft as they would have been if I was putting less twist into the fiber. They will, however, be much more durable and will be sutiable for a garment that won't be a saggy as a lot of alpaca.

The Rose is a speedy speedy wheel. As I told someone recently, she is so fast that my WooLee Winder is just too slow on the take-up and so kind of frustrating. I like to spin but need to make it worth my time and the difference between the Rose as she came out of the box and The Suzie Pro with the lace Flyer that cost me quite a bit to add is minimal. I am in love with this wheel, though.

Nice to meet you, Lyn.


I remember- you can be my cowgirl!Riding on the range.. okay enough of that. We must have seriously similar taste in music. Everything you mention I know-love Robert Cray.
Ft is too cute.
The blues are very beautiful(roving I mean).


Thanks for that info Lisa. I was just looking back through your posts to look for and explanation of "self/ply (the ball winder ball trick)" and discovered that you have a Wee Peggy, which is what I'm using at the moment, and which might explain to you why my spinning takes so long. It's a great little wheel, which I bought in NZ about 24 years ago. It's still giving me great service, but its little wheel has to go around heaps of times to equal a large wheel's spinning time. I've never worked out how to use the smaller whorl either (unless with Scotch tension), so just stick with the larger whorl. Maybe it's time I upgraded to a larger size - she says, filled with envy at your output!



cats on the table. yep, you'll feel right at home when you come up.


Love the blues! Cats on the table, cats on the refrigerator - we have cats everywhere! So who sings the song? My brains are fried this week! Must go spin more...


I like the blue wool but then I rarely meet a blue I don't like. And cats on the table? Yeah. My cat goes wherever she pleases, and she's enough of a little lady that she's never in the way. If she tries to pay too close attention to my dinner I blow in her face.


A few years ago a color expert told me that I should be wearing the true blues rather than the autumn colors I am drawn to. I reacted in dismay, frankly--always feeling that blue is, well, dull. But I have come to love the sky blues/French blues/cowboy blues and snap them up whenever I can find a good one because they are darned hard to find. I like the look of yours! Indeed, well enough to ask you to dye more for my little credit card!

Helle From Denmark

Ohhhh Lisa.......what a wonderful blue color......!! Yummy!! A picture may cheat, but i could have wish for that the pale blue, was a bit brighter........hehe......i know, me and my colors!*Grin* What kind of wool is this dyed with?? And those OTHER people......hmmm, why do i feel, that you are pointing a finger on me!*LOL* Im on the rollercoaster today....just got a letter from the social office, that the Goverment have approved, that i get early retirement.....but have to look at my case again in 3 years. I have no idea how much money i have per month now.....but it cannot be less that i have now. Im thrilled, but again....a lot of questions pops up in me head, and I cannot find out, until Monday!!:-)

Helle From Denmark

I can see that you have moved the link to your shop in top of your blog........but the link doesn't work least not here, right now. Thought that i want to point it out to you.....don't want you to miss a good deal!:-)

Lisa S

Oh, thank you for checking, Helle. I fixed it. Whew. Now, I just have to figure out how to turn that stuff into the cool button that Brenda designed for me. I am such a DORK with this stuff!

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, you cannot be that bad...i'll promise you, that im worse than you are with such thing. I can do anything with my computer, fixing problems and so on.....but i don't understand this HTML-launguage....!:-)


OH man, Blue :) My all-time favourite colour. I sure hope you remember what you did as it's Doug's favourite as well... hint, hint.

Joan M-M

Hey Lisa, love the cats, but show us your red mixer!

Lisa S

Joan, Joan, Joan...that red mixer is sitting idle these days and Sasha is mighty sad about that, I'll tell you. She always looked forward to me making cookies and would end up with a ring of cookie dough clean-out around her head. Of course, now...she has competition for every pan pre-wash. Can you believe that that big dog is the little puppy that you met so many years ago?

With the coming grandchild, I will be able to sling the carbs and calories my heart's delight. :o)

Denise Ford

Loved your website. Your yarns are beautiful.
I think I met you many years ago thru traveling with Nancy Finn. I still live in Willits. I have all 4 breeds of angoras, 4 llamas and a few cats & dogs. Sold my colored sheep & colored Angora goats due to lack of time.
I have worked as a rural letter carrier for USPS for 10 years. Where does the time go?
Do you still have angora bunnies? Are you ever in search of raw fiber for resale?
Hopefully you are the same Lisa Souza I remember from some time ago.
Best wishes on your new place.

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