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I vote for over-drive. Go for it baby!

If you've got the time and the will, you've sure got the talent - vroom!

Helle From Denmark

I hate it, when i cannot grap this wonderful rovings out of the computer. I LOOOOOVE it......mmmm....moremoremoremore!! Ohhh, more challenges seems to pop up in my head. You just say so, and i will give you more ideas!!*Grin*


Such wonderful colors. Edible! And I bet they don't smell like Very Blue Berry and Wrathful Cherry (like my weak attempts at Kool-aid dyeing). I'm leaving my dyeing to you pros! Yum Yum


Ohh the wensleydale! Be still my heart!


Wow. Just read yesterday. I'm sorry. Let me know when my Petal yarn's ready so I can whip out the credit card or the checkbook, whichever you prefer. And good luck, Rod! We have a relative who went to work for a start-up formed by a group of 50-somethings who all knew they had the talent and the experience, who had all been laid off elsewhere. They did well. It'll work out.


I'm a little behind in reading--sorry to hear about your Husband's situation, but vicariously joyous to hear that you are talking about a total change! (Careful: Language ahead...In a negotiation seminar I took years ago, the instructor pointed out that when they've got you by both balls, you're in the perfect position to pee on them.) More than the revenge aspect, though, I appreciate your understanding of what it would do to his spirit to head off to work every day under those conditions. THAT's the important thing. And I'm ready to support your increased fiber production....

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