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June P

Ummhh, Lisa, Is drawing with the right hand an unusual thing? That's how I self taught myself, so let's just say that it ain't so, Joe! I am absolutely in love with your new colorways - man, if I only didn't have to do the job thing every day. . .


Beth Collins

I draw with my right, too. And I also get junk on my fingers when I spin alpaca, but it's much easier to spin it dirty than to wash it first, I'm told. Have fun with your alpaca! And that pic of the nifty colored roving is quite appealing, I must say. I bet it spins up to a beautifuly yarn!


I also pinch with my left (wow I spin just like the Boss!), although I don't think I can yet say my right hand does anything like 'drawing'. I saw Joanne spin long draw and SHE draws.

I pinch with my left when spindling too, I'm not sure if that is normal or not.


Me too with the left thing. You attract rebels.

Helle From Denmark

Ahhh, i look forward to see how the yarn from that roving turns of it, when you reach that point!! Cannot wait to see what "new" colors you gonna show of this time!:-)


You draw with your RIGHT HAND, TOO?????? Ahhhh - I feel so much more normal now.......


Kidsilk Haze in lace takes a 5.00 mm needle, sometimes even 5.5, so not so teensy, even though it's a gossamer laceweight. Just in case you do decide to try working with that kind of stuff.

A number of years ago the San Jose Mercury News had a very small AP filler piece on the subject of a woman in the UK who had the last big herd of the dying-out Wensleydale breed, saying they were nearly extinct because they ate too much grass for how much wool they produced compared to other breeds--but the wool! The finest and softest of the longwools, and shiney as silk. She'd had orders come in from Japan that were financing her efforts to keep the breed alive. Things were looking up.

I spent two years after that trying to track down a source of Wensleydale wool. I wrote to a place in England, I bugged my LYSO, who sells spinning supplies. Finally I found two sources the same week! And one was my LYSO; Ashland Bay had just started distributing it wholesale. Guess who was the first local customer to try it?

Have fun with yours!


Left, that's me :)

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