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Hey, I'll be in Oakland! I'll be working but I'll have time for play, too. Glad to know I can see your stuff SPREAD OUT instead of hidden in plastic...

Lisa S

Hahaha. Yeah, I can only spread out as far as a little 10x10 will take me, cuz I got the last booth on the floor but I can make it look pretty, regardless. We'll be in 317. I know, packed in plastic bins is NOT fun but the alternative is what is going on right now, in getting ready for LA...piles of piles, just like Tess. Hah!
I think that we should all stir up the masses and get people to the market. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful one, by the folks I see represented. Very cool and a manageable size. :o)


Yeah! Healthy Grandbaby! That's just what we all wanted to hear.

Drink a milkshake? What a great prescription. I wish I was given that when PG

Man, I am so bummed that I can't go to the show in Oakland. We'll be relocated by then. Bummer.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, the baby don't want to let you know what sex it will just have to wait!:-) But I have a feeling that it might be a girl...they are more shy....or??*Grin*

The yarn..wauw..the green apple chew looks yummy...can't wait to see what you gonna show next, on you website.....and HERE!:-))


Ooh that spring lime is beautiful, I like the blue shot through it. Sam needs some.

Lisa S

Well, Wendy, I wish that you were still going to be here but I am happy for your escape to a beautiful state with some pretty cool fibery people who live there. I look forward to visiting one day. Your kids will be so happy there and no $300K crack house for YOU!

The pictures of the baby...The Son-in-law is so funny...he was SURE that he saw something (he is hoping for a boy) but the technician told him to cool his jets, it is probably just the umbilical cord...what are these guys thinking, anyway? :o) We will just wait like everybody else.

Thanks Caroline, I like how it turned out. Sam would not like this stuff, though...there is fingernail down the blackboard silk in it. Hah!


Oh, man...that Limeade is absolutefreakinlutely perfect! ::sigh:: :-) I'm so happy to read about the very healthy GF. What a good couple of days for you!

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