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Sky Drama in the Calaveras shawl pattern is humming along. It was almost enough to make my friend John take up knitting today, I wanted you to know. Gorgeous.

Helle From Denmark

Well, what can i say......!*ROFL* Fair enough...Rob get some stuff cleaned out, and you get more yarn.....FAIR!*LOL*

Lisa S

I think that it is fair, since that yarn is COMMERCE but there is still the wisp of a tear from The Husband over the things now lost to two days of trucks and men in jumpsuits throwing his treasures aboard. I feel for him, I really we just have to find a property with room for Mom, a dye studio, a woodworking shop and a model train layout room. Tall order my friends, tall order. It's funny how one can start looking longingly at never before noticed TV commercials for "metal buildings put up on your property". Gonna be a cow-boyyyy.

Helle From Denmark

He...i cannot wait to see your next post on your blog.....with this silencetreatment you are giving us.....i expect a LOT to be seen here!*GRIN*

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