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Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, you take care of hear!!!:-) You don't have time for that dear!

Alpaca.....who likes alpaca....not me!*Grin* Can you see my face is all green of envious...hehe...!:-P


You're just lucky I'm not hopping on the train to Cali. ;) Drool.

Helen in NH

Ooooooh. veryvery nice.
Yes. You ARE a rich woman Lisa.


I'd like a yummy black or charcoal scarf for Christmas, k?


Wanting to bring my drum carder and my wheel and sit and help you spin away a day... Lovely stuff there.

Lisa S

Oh, I just spin this stuff right out of the bag! I looooooooove it. The Husband could not get over the idea that what he felt was "dirty"...oh boyzee.


Love the avocado plant. Now here is what else you need to do.
1) Buy a bottle of Mateus Rose. Throw away the wine (no sense taking this verismo too far). Stick a candle in the bottle and burn it down.
2) Acquire one or more spider plants. Talk about them 'having babies.'
Presto you are 1970s college students.

Lisa S

Now, there you go, Caroline. Perfect. I actually saw Mateus at Trader Joe's the other day and I have to say that we certainly drank our share in our little apartment in Oakland. That was our "good" wine...we broke out the Gallo Pink Chablis for parties. Urp. Now that I can afford the beautiful wines, I get an allergic reaction...was it all of that Gallo, back in the day? Oh, by the way...the farm workers say "Say no to Gallo".

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