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Stop stop stop!!! If you come up with one more fabulous, must-have color, my brain is going to explode! ;-) Earth Birth - holy cow - how vibrant and gorgeous is that?!?


Love that 2ply! Very cool how the colors matched up.

Good Luck at the show!


OK, I'm going to have to ice down my cc lady. Hope Santa Monica's a blast, but a cool, dry one.

Helle From Denmark

I want it all, and i want it now....can you hear me sing that???:-) Dont you ever dare throw anything you hear!*GRIN* Ohhh my Lisa...why aint I your neighbour, so i could feel all that lovely stuff!:-)))


Fabulous colours! Bon voyage, I'll be doing the no-rain dance for you.


WHAT? I missed the painted merino Sky business? Darn. Anyhow that Earth Birth screams LIZ just like the lime screamed SAM, so I hope Liz gets by here to see it.

I thought I posted this comment earlier today but it appears not...


Yuummmyyy.... good luck at the show and with the weather! I too am married to a pack-master guy, I have long since learned to just tote the boxes and then get out of the way. He didn't learn from Tetris (I think!) but from the Army... spent three years as a combat medic, which he tells me was mostly packing and unpacking trucks. Long ago, so no chance he'll be called up now, Thank God.

Have a great show, hope there are no more Tank Incidents while you are away!


How did it go? Details, please. What sold the best, what's left, all that.


Oh, so that's what you mean by 'self-ply' - now all is clear.

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