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The Universe is good at letting us know when we are going in the right direction isn't it?


Whew, I was worried I'd have to go a day without seeing Lisa's stuff. That silk/mohair sounds a little like some of the Brooks Farm yarn I was avoiding buying...

Now, if this were MY life we were talking about, we'd get a fab offer on the house, find our dream home in the country, then the employer would come back with an offer to return with full pay, benefits, and seniority, and I'd have to decide what to do.

Helle From Denmark

Yummy yummy.......lovely. Like the colors in this kid mohair/silk stuff, looks lovely!:-)))

Hehe......i almost got afraid that you was attempting to start paint rovings and yarns with painting for walls!*GRIN*

Lisa S

This yarn is a bit heavier than the Brooks Farm stuff, I think, Caroline. I think that it will make the most luxurious throws or simple jackets or lots of things. It is buttery for next to the skin softness and so that is why I see it in a shawl or throw, I guess. That is a full pound that you are seeing there...HEFTY.

Postive thinking here, on the home and life front.

Helle, no yellow painted walls, just yellow painted knuckles. :oD

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