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Can't wait, can't wait till Friday. Hey, you should have heard me laughing at the biffle--I had to go explain to my 19-year-old.

Helle From Denmark you have lost your mind, if we ask Mr. Chimney and Mr. convinced!!*LOL*

Thank god.....finally some colorpictures.....that MUST mean, that somehow you are returning into what is normal for you!*Giggle*


Biffle. Reminds me of 'piffle' - ever read Lord Peter Wimsey who would 'piffle' when he was trying to seem dumb to the people around him?

Lisa S

Yes, Pish Tosh and Biffle. I have a mother who routinely makes up words and so my vocabulary of nonsense can be quite grand at times. :o)

Normal? Hardly. My home is filled with things that should not be in here...seats from the van, bicycles, stuff like that. Everything else that was on porches is OUT THERE in the garden, looking like a trash heap, thanks to the joyful idea of someone coming to power wash the house and deck. Oh yes, I already had the surprise of the inspector coming at 7:30 AM instead of 8 AM to give us a report on the termite and dry-rot situation...good and bad. (we knew that we needed to have the master bath redone and now there is no getting around has been deemed a mess from underneath the house. Give me strength...the house needs a root canal. BOO HOO!)

Normal? I think not...when you see me at TKGA, try not to look at the dark circles under my eyes and the hair gone grey over night. Hahahaha!


Yum! Thanks for the eye candy. I needed it today.

Helle From Denmark

Ahhh can just dye yourself, to look ehhh....fresh!*Giggle* Nooooo Problemos!!! Can't Rod sling you around, like a skein of yarn???*LOL*

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