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Helle From Denmark

Ohh, do i sense, that you are a bit scared right now?? You have no ideas what people do this days...just to make their dreams come true dear!:-) The most important thing, is that you can AFFORD the payments each month, or when it have to be payed, and that you are not gonna freeeezzz the ass of!! Sometimes you have to take the chance. What you need right now, is to get the safe feeling.....everybody is scared in this situation....for the unknown, and at the same time they look forward to it. Calm down will work out long as you can afford it!:-)


Yes, it may be scary, but I'll bet some agency somewhere would love to give a little money to you here and there for maintaining a small farm. 1) sell the fruit 2)see what wildlife studies and rehabitations activities are going on in the area and what the needs are 3)woman relocating business to rural community that probably needs business - get the drift -

Perhaps The Husband is looking for a new career in addition to Yarn Slinger. Perhaps he secretly wants to be Farmer Yarn Slinger.

If the Universe is providing the opportunity and you are expending the effort, the Universe isn't going to stop won't freeze.


Oh my,a guy in retirement mode! You will have to teach him to knit as well as sling yarn. For trust me, he will be underfoot all day long.

Get the farm and give him a pair of amorous Alpaca's . Use the farm as a write off.

Perhaps the alpaca's will provide him with first hand experience shearing washing and combing,and you with some beautiful fibers ...Angora rabbits are a thought too.

Happy farming.


Oh, I have just the thing for you--get a copy of 50 Acres and a Poodle by Jeanne Marie Laskas IMMEDIATELY! If you drive over here I'll lend you my beloved copy. The very best book about taking chances like this.

Lisa S

Oh, thanks, you guyz. Send out a good thought for us tomorrow. If this is the place then I will Know. My mother saw the initial pictures and got really excited today, just as I did. We even printed out the Google satellite shot to show her. Funny!

Oh, Junieann...I have an empty Bunny Barn here in Lafayette. Been there, done that. :o)

Janine, I will find that book. Thank you!

Kim, I hear you. Believe me. Now we just have to make sure that the houses are wonderful and the well is sound.


So??? The place is ......?

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