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Helle From Denmark

Aha...did your mum saw the house..maybe she finds it suitable...!!:-) Dont be a Ding Bat now Lisa....there will always be things, who need to be done, when you buy a's the same in Denmark!:-))


Bummer that it wasn't exactly what you wanted, but the right one will present itself to you. It's such a frustrating process in the meantime!


Ah, too bad--I was already planning a visit! But don't forget the very nice and affordable modular homes available these days--you might do better with lots of land and a quick build of the MIL House of your dreams that way. My sister just had one built--very nice, quality construction, fast, inexpensive, lots of options.


Your hubby is right, if it's meant to be, it will be there when you need it. Take your time, find the perfect place and keep those photos of the silk/merino off the website- eeeek goes my wallet!

Big hug sweetie pie.


Waah I can't see your pictures I see gobbledygook! Maybe later!


OK I saw them. It's wonderful. I like the little stove. Your kitties would love that.

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