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Helle From Denmark

Im happy you got of this ride from the roller coaster......but did you have to send the roller coaster on to me??*Grin* Sigh....and then it's not even meanth as fun:-(

And don't post picture full of delicious stuff like makes me having trouble breathing!*giggle*


So is that knitting machine still in the dye-rage? The seats come out of my van - I'll help ya move.....


Very exciting things happening for you and your family! Love the pic of the work you are doing (even more so because Tank or Sasha's "Bite the Man" toy is in the lower left hand corner... )


Hey - I am good with a paint brush and good with a garbage can if you need help... I'll come down with Kim.

Lisa S

Well, you day at a time. I just wish that I could shut out all of this stuff during the day, so that I could concentrate on work, instead of washing windows and painting and weeding. No such luck...The Husband keeps calling me with "ideas". AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.

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