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Hey Lisa and you too The Husband -- so great to see you both. Can't believe you finally got to meet my mom after all these years!!! :0) Can you all believe how long we've known one another? Oh yeah, I love that Earth Birth sooooooo much I'm going to have to get some of it in the worsted now!!!!! We'll have to get together for tea sometime in August. Can't wait to read about the lastest in the long saga.... love to you both.

Helle From Denmark

Ahh, so dear little Tank is making trouble......he might miss his mum and dad, and don't want to be shut out, and he is afraid he is going to miss out on something fun!*GGG*

And Miss may need some new glasses....or maybe you just have to go and claim your schoolmoney back, because the teachers did't learn you to read!*LOL* colored pictures this time...Uhuu!:-)


It was WONDERFUL to see you two! And thanks for the cashmere! Not to mention the wool: purple mountain's majesties. Coming right up, cast on and away I go.

Re Oakland Convention Center: you come out of the parking lot, and there's the obligatory little blue pictorial square on the wall by the door. Except that it's just for show: it's not a button, it doesn't open the door, and that tank of mine would plow right through the glass (let's see your Tank top that!) There's no safe or sane way to try to open the doors on my own. Hmmm. I was told that to conform to the ADA all they have to do is make it so I can go through the front doors of the place on the ground floor (where, I might add, there were black posts barring the way of anybody not on foot, had to do some good zig zagging at lunchtime). Uh, hello? You mean I don't have to be able to reach my car? You want me to go four floors and up the middle of that steep blind car ramp popping wheelies? Lemme tell you, that thing pops serious wheelies on serious hills--you should see me in Monterey or 'Frisco with it. Good thing I carpooled up with Gigi!

Not that you need to hear all that. I was just seriously surprised. Stitches and Santa Clara Convention Center, ground floor hall and parking is definitely the way to go. And hey, next time, just hook your dolly onto the back of my chair--no teamsters are going to complain about MY wheels!

As for your Tank, hmm. Would a little Tabasco sauce in his plaster help?


i have only 2 words- dog crate ;-)


Hi Lisa! Good luck with the show--too bad Kentucky's so far away or I'd come out to spend money and see you. I agree with Vanessa. Dog Crate. Only way to go with a puppy. Harry is a much better little man for his..and we all have time outs when, right after he chewed through the handspun skein of blue Shetland and soy silk I'd just finished washing. He didn't mind the crate and he got the hint. He's never done that again! Other things, sure....but Harry's lost the taste for soy silk!


If I had a teleporter I'd have been at the show :) I vote for a dog crate and a kiss when he's better.

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