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Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, how stressful all this mess!!:-)) is........a pictures full of colorful yarns etc!*GRIN*

lisa S

Well, I knew that you could feel my pain. Now, as long as my "office" (computer, printer, credit card terminal) and all of the things that I need to put my hands on are in the right position for me to do so, I can make it through the week. I need my kitchen table clear, my cooking area clear, living room seating clear and I can muddle through.

Helle From Denmark long as you can get your hands on this, you are all set!*GG* Let's just hope, they not going to be in your way.....the men that is.....not the yarn/wool!*GGG*


Hm, the people who lived in my house before me had that same devil-may-care attitude with paint, because THEY were going to lay wall to wall. What was the first thing I did when I moved in: pull up all the wall-to-wall and shove it out the upstairs windows, then stare aghast at a sea of paint. I spent a little time when I was first there scraping away at the floors and learned to ignore what was left. I subsequently scrubbed every terrazzo tile in my porch floor with Goof-Off and steel wool when I removed that carpet. I would love to have my upstairs floors refinished but I don't think I could stand the chaos! My home improvement extravaganza for the end of the summer: have one wall of my kitchen mirror-imaged on itself to get the refrigerator out of a corner where the doors won't open all the way. That'll be enough. Good luck to you and the latest in the procession of Guys.


Our first week in this house, one of the kids said, What's this, Mommy?, and pulled at a flip of white paint sticking off the edge of the kitchen drawer. And peeled off a foot of white. The previous owners hadn't prepped any surfaces, just slapped white over the 60's orange, yellow, and avocado-green everything. I'd take your blue house anytime. We ended up remodelling the entire house eleven years ago. Red oak rather than painted-over pressboard--it's all good. But it was a solid year of doing what you guys are doing now: upheaval and workmen. Get all the pain over as fast as you can, definitely the way to go.

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