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Helle From Denmark

Ohh yeah Lisa......i'll be there in spirit!! Or at least i'll try too!! you know how long time it will take, before you know anything, about them "maybe" accepting the bid??:-)))


Lisa, I had some old college friends who put in a bid on a house here that it turned out was $30k under what someone else was offering. Not just a possible-in-the-future, hoped-for higher bid, but one that was in the seller's hand. Uh, oh... Just in case that happened, they'd put a picture of their five kids in, and said how much they'd like to raise their kids in that nice neighborhood. Guess what. They got the place.

Buying from an artist... I'd give'em pictures of your work. Hang, for you to get the home of your dreams, *I* would come knit something for her out of your stuff as incentive!


Well, I for one am looking forward to meeting you and snagging some of that Earth fiber you showed a couple of weeks back. Yummy.

My only advice: Breathe.


Since your world is chaos right now, I will try to spin more so the earth remains in balance. I'm only thinking of you. And my Deep Sea BFL. I spun nearly a bobbinful yesterday and I'm in love.

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