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Helle From Denmark

Ohhh i cannot wait to hear if they accept it!!!! I HOPE SO MUCH DEAR!

Helen in NH

Ok, I'm 53 and a half years old; there's just so many body parts I'm still ABLE to cross for you and Rod but I'm crossin' em all.
(and if this don't work, something else will)


Oh, Lisa, I hope they accept. Good luck!


I'll be remembering you tonight! I'll put it in my requests to the Big Guy!!!


does this mean i'll have to buy more yarn so you can pay the mortgage? teehee


I am an admiror-lurker surfacing just enough to say that I follow your saga on this great blog and that I wish you get what you need and want. Best of luck!


Sending good thoughts....


Ommmmm. I'm right there with you, baby. All fingers and toes are crossed!


Wowee, can't wait to hear what happens! You might have to throw an FT retreat when you move in, we'll all come SEEEEEE!

Lisa S

Yup. We sign the offer papers and hand our Buyer's agent a big fat check in the morning. GULP. I just finished my Please Sell Me Your House can't hurt. Our agent wrote one on our behalf and so unless it only comes down to money, we have a chance. Ommmmmmmm


Good luck, we are all pulling for you! Sounds like paradise!

Helle From Denmark

When will you know Lisa???? Maaaan.......if you only knew how often im on your blog to see if there is any news!!*GG*

FT retreat..right. CarolineF....are you gonna pay my ticket to go to California???*LOL*

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