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Helle From Denmark

Ohhh Lisa!! You seem to start comming down again.....from the Roller Coaster of stress!*GG* Music to my "ears". Lovely color pictures.....i have missed those as well!!:-)))

Lisa S

Oh, it won't take long for the straps to pin me in to the little car...the floor refinisher is coming on Monday and every piece of furniture and all of the yarn storage must be taken out of these two rooms. At least we will have a freshly painted house and nice floors, whether we stay or go. This is a good thing...
All of the bubbles have been sanded away and once the final coat is more painters. :o)


Ooh, Sky Drama On Trellis - very pretty! Glad you're back so we can see what you're up to!

I kind of like your mocha latte house. Mine as you may recall is 'yeller' but if it gets repainted it'll be similar to yours, grey with white trim.

So, when will the silk/merino fiber be available for us poor impoverished addicts to squander our yen on??

lisa S

Well, seeing as the silk/merino blew out of the booth on Friday, I guess that I had better start photographing it for the website. Thanks for reminding me, Caroline.
P.S. I LIKE yaller! :o)


I took my Sky Drama shawl, as well as a couple of other newly-done ones, to my knitting group last night, and yours was the one that got the most oohing and aahing. Nice colorway! You betcha.

Helen in NH

So here I am on the foggy New Hampshire seacoast listening to KFOG on a Saturday morning. I love the internet. Love it. And I am also enjoying the blue skeins and your pretty yarn arbor. I'm glad you have a knack for photography Lisa.
Enjoy your Saturday.

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