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Oh Lisa, I'm sorry as the Palace sounded perfect. The Universe will take care of you.

Helle From Denmark

Chear up dear!! Im having a hickup right now...and have taken my sleepingtablet. So this hard to write now. But im sure you will find more beatyful houses, who will scream to me!:-) Is first house you were looking moe trying again, eh??? He could get a little lower in the price, could they!


Keep your chin up. This happened to us a number of years ago and I was devastated when our offer was turned down as I could definitely see us living there. We ended up finding the house that we are in now, which is twice the house that the other was. At the time, the bank owned the house and was anxious to unload it, so we were able to get it within our price range. Today, it is worth twice what the house that I was lusting after is.

The right house will find you :-))

Mary Ann Pagano

Ditto ditto ditto

The right house will find you and it will be the best match yet.


I know what'll make you feel better: get to work on some cashmere for me. When I have it in my hands I'll write you the most amazing e-mail saying how you're the most gifted of all the fiber artists working in the world, etc., etc. and then you'll forget all about the house that got away. I know this will work - go ahead, try it, see for yourself. :-)


I look at the house we didn't land and I can't tell you how glad I am that it turned out that way! We would never have met the neighbors we ended up with, and we would have missed out on so much.

Our seller here got stranded with a buyer who couldn't come through, but whom they'd already let move in, who then wouldn't leave, so they had to evict them... What a mess. Which is the only way we ended up with our place at our price. You never know.


Your house search has really just started, you know...The mojo isn't done yet.

Gotta get back to the smudge now....


Shoot! We were sending some serious mojo your way! Well the hunt isn't over yet. Let's see what comes up! Sorry about the palace though.


Sorry about your disappointment on the house. It just means that it wasn't really the right one. Keep looking.


Another one will come along... or maybe they'll be back begging you to offer again, when it sits another 2 months with no offer...


Ah Lisa, that's seriously crappy news but with all the good vibes coming you're way I'm sure the perfect place is just around the corner.


Well, crap, and double crap. That's a rotten disappointment, but we'll keep all the mojo afterburners going. I don't know what's going on in the big brain of the universe, but we're all just waiting to find out, I guess. Hang in there - I'm thinking of you!

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