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Grandsonfetus hmmmm ;)
Thank you for the update Miz Lisa, I've been wondering. we'll get the mojo going this weekend when I hook up with some of the Seattle ladies.


Good luck! Meantime, I finished the Sky Drama shawl. I kept dragging out the process, till I realized the reason why was I didn't want to come to the end of the ball. I didn't want to stop knitting it. I didn't want to be all done with those colors and that gloriously soft stuff. But block it and it's ready now to wow the crowds. See you in Oakland!


It's a boy! It's a boy! Time to buy some itty bitty overalls and flannel shirts and buckskin shoes and little blue knitting needles!

Instead of the Meeting of the Labs, the labs will be meeting bunnies and raccoons and frogs and all kinds of nature stuff. Maybe chickens and an alpaca???


It all sounds great to me. Are they going to name the GSF in advance?

Can't wait to see the fiber!!!!!

Helle From Denmark

Okay, i'll come and beat them, if they don't accept your bid!!!*LOL* Cross my fingers.......even my yarns just for you!!!*Giggle*

Now...I'm still dreaming of some color combinations....get on to it dear, so you can get A LOT of news colors with you, when you are going to this festival market thing!!*Giggle*

Helle From Denmark

He...congrats.........then you know what color to knit baby stuff in now!*G*

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